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Understanding Your Feet


We can take them for granted, but our feet are highly complex structures that can develop problems that may affect our overall health and well-being.

You know that when your feet hurt, your whole body can feel unwell. Podiatric treatment helps to keep your body healthy.

In fact, feet that function well are essential to a decent quality of life. The reason they are so easy to overlook is that they are the most distantly located part of our bodies. It's sometimes only when they start to hurt that we may be begin to notice that there is a problem. So, as well as treating your feet and restoring comfort, my job is also to raise your awareness of your feet, so that you can prevent problems from occurring or re-occurring in future.

Sometimes, however, foot problems have to be accepted and lived with. Here, at least, their effects can be minimised and properly managed. For more information on common foot problems, please click here.